Young, Divorced and Fabulous Book

Young, Divorced and Fabulous

If you’re going through a separation or divorce, wondering if there are other people out there that “get it,” then this is the book for you.

One husband may be having an affair, one may be gay, one may be having a quarter life crisis and one may run away…

Before the candles on their thirtieth birthday cakes were blown out, the four authors found their marriages crumbling. They spent their twenties dedicating themselves to creating strong marriages but nothing they did could save them from divorce. Disliking the media’s portrayal of young divorce as a starter marriage for the lazy, self indulgent, instant gratification types who hop into and out of marriage faster than they can have children, the authors share their stories to show the reality behind young divorce. They had every intention of being wed until death do them part, but they learned the hard way that sometimes love doesn’t conquer all.

Not only did the authors lack the bank accounts to take a year off and travel the world following their divorces, they barely had enough money to cover their rent. What they did have was each other. Their friendship was formed online and their bond became so strong that they now consider themselves sisters, divorce sisters. You’ll laugh and cry with the authors as they share with you their heartfelt stories of young divorce and welcome you into their sisterhood. In the final chapter, they’ll reveal their secrets for moving on after a divorce, embracing second chances and becoming young, divorced and fabulous!

Memorable Quotes from the divorce memoirs in Young, Divorced and Fabulous:

The phone rang, I answered it and the line went dead…I knew in my heart what was happening. I went up to the master bathroom as my husband was getting out of the shower. I handed him the phone and said, “She called.”

On our second anniversary, he came home agitated and extremely stressed. I don’t think I’d ever seen him that upset. He told me that our marriage wasn’t working and that I deserved more than he could ever give me…He also said that he was probably gay.”

He kissed me every day before leaving for work and told me he loved me, but the distance continued to grow between us. There was an unspoken tension. It came to a head one night at Wendy’s…He blew up and yelled some profanity at me. He had never spoken to me this way in our relationship. I realized something was very, very wrong. I knew this fight had nothing to do with chicken sandwiches.”

Our love of the church was no longer a priority for him either. What was once the foundation of our relationship was no more. I wanted God and the Catholic Church to be our guide. He refused this after we were married. He became completely apathetic to church and explained that the only reason he ever went was to please me. Eventually, he completely withdrew from me, my family, and even his family, escaping into his work.”