About Us

The Four Original Divorce Sisters


The four of us met online when our marriages were falling apart. We each stumbled upon a message board for women getting divorced under the age of 30. It was in this online environment that we shared our stories about our marriages, our heartbreak, and our divorces while offering support to the other women who were going through the same thing. Our friendships quickly grew and we began to see each other as sisters, divorce sisters. This sisterhood is what inspired us to write our book. We hope to reach out to the millions of other young women divorcing each year, share some sisterly advice and inspire them to become young, divorced and fabulous!


Karen Jerabek had a whirlwind romance with her ex-husband and married him after seven months. She was 25 when she married and 28 when she divorced. Secrets he had been hiding from her came out on the night of their second anniversary. It was these secrets that blew their marriage apart.


Today, Karen lives in coastal North Carolina with her twin daughters.  She juggles the joys of motherhood with her passion for writing while working part time in the financial industry.  She’s published three short stories, Tuned In to Love, Love Leaps and Change of Plans, as e-books and her first novel, Helping Karma as both an e-book and a paperback.  To connect with Karen, please visit her at www.KarenJerabek.com


Michelle Joyce dated her ex-husband for six years before they married. She was 25 when she married and 27 when she separated. Their volatile relationship came to a head when Michelle realized her husband not only had a new job but also had a new mistress.


Today, Michelle J. is happily remarried. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, their two daughters a couple dogs and a coop full of chickens. After her divorce, she reconnected with her passion for dance and became a dance teacher.  She also has a hilarious blog about her life!  To connect with Michelle J, please visit her at www.AGirlandHerGoat.com


Michelle Nicolet knew her ex-husband in high school and started dating him at age 18. After six years of dating, they married when she was 24 and divorced when she was 27.  Sometimes growing up and growing in a marriage don’t always occur on the same path.  Michelle’s husband chose a different path and left her and their marriage behind.


Today, Michelle N. teaches 4th grade and is enjoying life in Chicago with her son and two cats.


Michelle Denicola Poole started dating her ex-husband in London while they were on a scholarship trip during college. They dated for three and a half years and were married when she was 25 and then divorced when she was 28. The man she married changed into a man she didn’t recognize and she felt like she was living with a stranger.


Today, Michelle P. is happily remarried and lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and 2 sons. She teaches middle school and actively participates in her church.