Welcome to our website, Young, Divorced and Fabulous!

We’re four women from different parts of the country who got married in our 20s and divorced before we had children. While we were trying to navigate the devastating journey of divorce, our friends were getting married and having babies. No one understood us. No one knew the pain we were in. And we felt completely alone. By some amazing coincidence, we found each other online. We supported each other through our heartbreaking divorces and cheered each other on as we tentatively and then confidently stepped out on the other side. We vowed to pay it forward by reaching out to other young, divorced women any way we could because no one should feel alone when they’re going through a divorce.

Our website, our blog and our book are our ways of saying:

You are not alone.

We understand what you’re going through.

We get it.

And we’re here for you!

We welcome you with open arms to the divorce sisterhood! We hope you join us in being Young, Divorced and Fabulous.

xo Karen J, Michelle J, Michelle N, Michelle P


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